Friday, March 14, 2008

Regional favors

I've said it before and I'll say it again, as much as I don't care for Martha Stewart, she and her staff have some cute ideas. I really like these regional favors that were featured in the Winter edition of MS Weddings. Since we're from opposite sides of the country, and Cent has grown up all over, I thought maybe we could incorporate some kind of favor thing. I like the idea of the peach preserves. The California favor idea was olives -- not what I think of when I think California.

I keep thinking about things for the wedding in bits and pieces. People ask me about the reception, the dress, the flowers, the colors, the favors, the photographer... So much to think about! I'm still working on finding a reception venue, and I think until I figure that out, I'll be too preoccupied to think about the other things. Of course, I'm just saying that now...

Hawaii Bundt Cakes....................Texas Spice Rub

Georgia Peach Preserves........... Cute Sugar Cookie Cakes

(above images from Martha Stewart Weddings)

These are a couple of cute favor ideas I found on The Knot. I love chocolate covered pretzels and then the bags with the red labels have cookies in them. I love cookies! I want whatever we do for favors to be cute and as hassle-free as possible. Again, I say that now.

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