Saturday, January 31, 2009

Vote for me!

So I enter contests with the thought that I probably won't win. But I guess I have some luck. I once won the pumpkin carving contest at work, $50! I won the drawing at the company Christmas party, $100! I won the drawing from F-Stop Beyond TV, $60 value! And I won a $10 iTunes card from Southern Weddings Magazine! I'm not trying to brag, I'm just amazed that I have won stuff.

I'm up for something again.

Southern Weddings Magazine has been running a contest since they launched their print magazine in January. It's a chance to win The Flip. All you had to do was take a picture of yourself with the magazine or a picture of the magazine on the stands. Well, I happened to be in Dallas when the magazine launched and since as the title suggests, it features Southern Weddings, it was way more readily available in Texas than California. So I asked Cent for a special trip to Tom Thumb (Texas equivalent of Safeway) and snatched one up off the shelves! I was all excited about taking a unique picture. I didn't really know what to do...So I lagged. I waited and the deadline past twice, but they extended it twice. So I finally got my act together and submitted a photo!

Southern Wedding Flip Entry
Southern Wedding Flip Entry

Here's my entry! #11 on the page: Flipping out for Southern Weddings!

Anyway, I'd appreciate it if you'd rock the vote for me, dear reader. All you have to do is comment with #11 at the bottom of the page! Voting ends February 6! I appreciate it!

Thanks and happy Saturday!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! With the new year it means that we are only 6 1/2 months away from the wedding! Woo hoo!

We know that some of you who are coming in from out of town will be needing some rooms. Marriott sent us the shortcut! Click below to go straight to a reservation page for the room type you'd like to reserve. The special rate of $59/King Room $69/Queen Room is good for 7/17-7/19. Email us if you will be staying for longer! We'll find out if we can extend the special... catieandcent[at]gmail[dot]com

Queen Room (2 Queen Beds)

King Room (1 King Bed)