Friday, April 25, 2008

Engagement Photos, Check!

We had a fantastic time yesterday with our AWESOME photographer, Travis Hoehne, shooting in downtown Dallas and the Speedzone. I can't wait to see the results!

It turned out that Travis was going to be in Texas for a workshop this week. Since Cent lives in Dallas, I figured it would work out nicely if we had our engagement photos taken where he lives, since we're having the wedding in California. Plus, it was unknown and new territory for Travis as he is from California and has had several photo shoots in the Bay Area. It was so fun!

We shot around the Dallas World Aquarium (also where we went for our first anniversary) and took some awesome action shots. ::cue Chariots of Fire music:: Then, we went to have some fun. For a unique twist on engagement photos, we went to Speedzone where there were also have the debut of Mario Kart for the Wii. We were able to borrow the Mario and Luigi hats from the Mario Kart people and Travis shot us while we raced. So fun! Then we played a round of putt putt golf, something we'd been wanting to do since we first started dating. Even though we didn't keep score, I won! I got two holes-in-one! It was probably the best round of mini golf I'd ever played. So many thing just fell into place, it was so great!

I'll definitely post some shots when we get them!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

We have a date!

Well Michigan finally made up their minds and picked our date. Oh well. It's just a date and I'd rather have Fr. Jose be our officiant than being dead set on July 11. Cheesy anyway. So July 18 it is.

Actually, it works out a little better because some venues are still open for reservation. It's crazy how quickly people book venues, especially since it's summer. I'm feeling optimistic and that everything will work out once we have a venue chosen. Now it's just a matter of choosing. A couple of choices are out - Sunol Valley is booked up, Summitpointe is too small, Palmdales Estates you have to supply your own drinks.

Here are the contenders:

Castlewood Country Club, Pleasanton
(image from

Dublin Ranch Golf Club, Dublin
(image from

Wedgewood Banquet Center at Metropolitan Golf Links, Oakland
(image from

Palm Pavilion, Pleasanton
(image from

Oh the decisions and comparisons. There are some other places too, but these had pics. July 18, here we come!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Low Centerpieces are the way to go

In the midst of my hard drive fiasco, I decided to peruse some photos of centerpieces. I know that all of this stuff is backdrop to the main event -- the party/reception/dinner/etc, but it's fun to think about. I'm not a bridezilla (yet) nor am I totally high maintenance. I think big centerpieces are pretty awful, especially if it makes your guests want to move it to the floor so they can see each other.

I think something like this on each table would be nice and simple and fit the bill of filling the empty space in the middle of the table. Plus the simpler, the more inexpensive. I also like the idea of decorating with some votive candles, but one of the venues we are looking at doesn't allow open flames. So I'll also have to look into some LED tealights.

All photos from The Knot.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hand-Tied Bouquets

I definitely want a handtied bouquet... none of that "tightly packed" business.

Both from the Knot.

From Martha Stewart Weddings

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Some Maybe 'Do's

So since the reception search is sort of on pause due to the pending couple in Michigan, I figured I would check out some 'do's on the Knot.

I like this hairstyle, swept back and simple. I'm not exactly feeling the hair vine thingy, but fresh or fake flowers would make a nice substitute.

I can never make this curly tousled hair look work. Of course, I think I'll have someone else do my hair, so it should be a non issue. My only concern would be me getting annoyed or hot from having my hair down...

Similar to the first style, only with flowers. I'm thinking I might need some fake hair filler to give the do some body. My hair is fine and would need some major inflation to look like this.

I really like this one. Simple with flowers. Out of my face, but still pretty.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Make up your mind Michigan!

So there is a couple in Michigan who may be getting married the same date that we want. This would be a non-issue if they didn't want our same officiant. All I have to say is that they better pick the right date, which at this point could go either way.... Hurry and make up your minds folks, we have!

Oh the joys of wedding planning.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


I'm liking these monograms I found on Aylee Designs via Wedding Bee. Although I'm thinking that I can design my own now that I have some Illustrator and Photoshop skills. These are fun for personalizing aspects of you wedding and would make great return address labels for thank you notes.

I like these ones too from eLucky Designs.

Inspiration everywhere!