Friday, June 6, 2008

Jet Fuel is ruining my life.

If it wasn't bad enough that gas prices jump up every single day (and not even easing into the $4 thing), the price of jet fuel goes up as well. As a consequence, plane tickets skyrocket. What used to cost $220 on a good day to fly to Dallas, is now between $330-$450 if you're lucky. It's pretty depressing considering that my salary has not gone up in order to offset the inflation in prices. It might be easier to get through this if my disposable income increased to cover $4.29 gas!

I'll really have to send out our Save the Dates a year in advance so our out-of-town guests can plan accordingly and not have to spend a fortune (I don't want that!). I want everyone to be able to make it, especially those across the country and celebrate with us on this special day. Hopefully there will be some relief of some sort in the near future.

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