Sunday, April 13, 2008

Some Maybe 'Do's

So since the reception search is sort of on pause due to the pending couple in Michigan, I figured I would check out some 'do's on the Knot.

I like this hairstyle, swept back and simple. I'm not exactly feeling the hair vine thingy, but fresh or fake flowers would make a nice substitute.

I can never make this curly tousled hair look work. Of course, I think I'll have someone else do my hair, so it should be a non issue. My only concern would be me getting annoyed or hot from having my hair down...

Similar to the first style, only with flowers. I'm thinking I might need some fake hair filler to give the do some body. My hair is fine and would need some major inflation to look like this.

I really like this one. Simple with flowers. Out of my face, but still pretty.

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